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Raise Awareness On How The Stress And Expectations Of The Holiday Season

Holiday Stress

How this might negatively impact our collective mental health.

Do you feel a little less than merry during the holidays? If you do, you’re not alone and your feelings are valid and normal. There are many reasons that the holidays increase anxiety, disappointment, and depression, some of which might include feeling overextended with a busy holiday calendar, deadlines, the loneliness felt from the loss of loved ones, and the lack of sunshine due to long winter days (SAD). We all feel the lack of enough time to do the things and see the people we want, the expectation of gift exchanges, and the emotional upheaval felt from family gatherings.

The best defense to feeling blue during the holidays is to prepare in advance. Below are ways you might prepare to handle the increased stress of the holidays.

If you have tried all these tips and you have been feeling anxious and depressed for more than two weeks or you have thoughts of suicide, reach out to your mental health professional or your primary care physician immediately. If you or a loved one struggles with depression and anxiety exacerbated due to the holidays, Compassion Psychiatry has many treatments available to you. Give Compassionate Psychiatry a call today to speak with a specialist.


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